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Robenson is a name that only a select few can carry. There are hundreds of conditions that must be met before one can claim Robenson as a last name. Among these are..
1. the ability to be awesome regardless of the situation
2. the ability to not give a fuck about what everyone is bitching about. In fact, a true Robenson will tell people to just shut the fuck up and to stop acting like bitches.
3. must be able to stand back and get the ladies without even trying while everyone else humiliates themselves
4. must be able to beat up frat kids two or three times their size and must also posses a zero tolerance policy towards popped collars and/or pink polos.
5. must be adored and worshiped everywhere they go, regardless of whether or not the adoring worshipers will admit it.

Robenson sightings have been confirmed on all continents, but are most commonly found in the United States, Germany and Ireland.
Person 1: Holy shit, look at how awesome that dude is! It looks like he's not even trying!
Person 2: Yeah, word around the campfire is that he's a Robenson.
Person 1: Okay, it all makes sense now.
by Paco the lamb May 15, 2011
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