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One of the four female dorms at Milton Academy- a prestigious prep school in Massachusetts. With a maximum occupancy of 40 girls, Robbins is home to a combination of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior boarding girls. It is the sister dorm of the best boys dorm- Forbes House, and is by virtue of location, structure, and occupants, the best girls dorm at Milton. Since its founding as a girls dorm a few decades ago, it has developed a school-wide reputation for being the 'hot dorm' or the 'popular dorm'. Robbins girls, as they are called, do indeed live up to this reputation because year after year they represent some of the most good-looking girls at school. There is a certain kind of connotation when you refer to a girl as being a Robbins girl. Both boarder and day student boys love the Robbins girls and thus being able to sit on one of the benches on the Robbins porch is considered a rite of passage. Not surprisingly, the other three female dorms at Milton Academy (Centre, Hallowell, and Goodwin) are not big fans of Robbins girls, and there is a jealous rivalry between the four.

Although all boarders at Milton Academy have pride for their respective dorms, Robbins girls have the most dorm pride. This can be attributed to the fact that Robbins has more traditions and more unity within the girls than any other dorm. The girls may be attractive and hot, but that does not translate into them being bitchy and catty girls. In fact, they are known to be the most sister-like dorm at school and have a tendency to loyally stand by each other. However, this pride and unity gives off the impression that they are clique-y, and this is another reason why Robbins House is notorious among other girls dorms at Milton Academy.

If you were to go to a party on the weekend, the only boarder girls that would be there, would probably be Robbins seniors and juniors. They are well-connected among the school and are even sometimes friends with the DSGs. That is not to say ofcourse that they are like the DSGs, because their loyalties definitely lie in the dorm above eveything else.
Boy 1 : (excitedly) "Guess where I was last night!!"
Boy 2 : "Where?"
Boy 1 : "The Robbins House porch!"
Boy 2 : "You lucky son-of-a-bitch!"
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The dorm at Milton Academy where you go if you want to find a hot girl. Honestly. They are all chill and love eachother.

Their reputation as the "crazy, but beautiful" really summarizes who they all are. CRAZY and love to have fun and run around, and definatly beautiful.

Pretty much- if you're a guy who wants a fun chase and a hot chick, or a girl who wants a chill loyal friend, go to Milton Academy and find ROBBINS HOUSE smack inbetween Forbes (the best guy dorm) and Wolcott (hm)
1) "Holy sh*t how are they so hot?! Can I PLEASE take one home with me?!"
2) "Um, can i LIVE in robbins?"
----um, no, that sucks you live in hallowell! (sad)
by Robbins is HOT February 28, 2005
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