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'Robbing the ducks' as in broke, brassic, penniless, destitute, skint, resulting in a lack of nourishment necessitating the plundering of left-over bread from feeding the ducks at the local pond.

This could also be used to denote extreme desperation as a result of a lack of satisfaction in a certain aspect of ones life requiring the 'scraping of the bottom of the barrel' as an alternative to going completely without.
E.g. 1

Friend 'A'; "When was the last time you ate? Are you hungry?"
Friend 'B'; Don't know mate, I'm robbing the ducks!"

E.g. 2

"My mate's dying for a shag bless 'em, they're robbing ducks now!"

E.g. 3

Mate '1'; "How you fixed for cash geezer?"
Mate '2'; "Robbing ducks mate! Tragic."
by DM85 March 17, 2011
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