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a game you play with more than 2 people to choose a person who does a certain task. You start off like rock paper scissors except you say "Ro Jam Bo" and you on "BO" you point your finger at who you want to do the task and whoever has the most fingers pointing at them has to do the task.
person #1:"So who is going to take out the trash?"
person #2"It should be you"
person #3"NO!"
person #1"There's only on way to settle this.. Ro Jam Bo"
All: "Ro Jam Bo"
person #1: Most of the fingers are pointing at you, you have to take out the trash"
by ThatKid0001 August 21, 2009
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Game devised from "South Park" Where the players kick one another in the testicles until the loser calls quits.
He who calls the game goes second.
Cartman from South Park called it but never did RoJamBo
by Dixweed September 20, 2010
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