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Riverpig is the central figure of the University of St Andrews Boatclub which venerates him as god of rowing and believe that he rose from the dead after his demise in a river in Northern Spain near the city of Zamora. Followers of Riverpig traditionally believe that he performed miracles and died sacrificially for the atonement of sins committed by Boatclub members. To be continued...
Inebriated St Andrews rowers-'All hail riverpig!'
by St Andrews Boat Club January 12, 2012
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A pasty white, googly eye bloated stomach women who looks like a pig because of the water.
She looks like a river pig!
You river pig.
That chick I met last night looked like a river pig.
by JensyD November 13, 2012
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Very large, and usually ugly, women who go out in public when they have no business doing so. They are most content in a river due to the waters relief of their weight.
When I went to Wisconsin State Fair I saw thousands of river pigs, whatever happened to shame?
by kj21 April 28, 2009
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A very obese woman. Usually travel in herds.
A herd of river pigs were seen feeding at a local Arbys.

Smothers almost went home with a river pig one time.
by J Clark June 23, 2006
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