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middle class town in bergen county. Some own the hideous mcmansions who think that theyre alpine material because they drive a BMW 3 series base model with their home depot chandeliers in the big window above the front door. Some families are extremely wealthy, but you would never know. there are alot of "fake" rich people there who drive maybe a c class mercedes, and drive it like its an s class. Or a 3 series BMW and drive it like its an m6. I know a family who's parents are a lawyer, and a neurosurgeon, AND they both own companies. Yet they have an acura and a mercedes. You never know what you'll find in river edge. Highlights include CVS, RED (River Edge Diner), Habit Burger, Dunkin donuts (2), and a bunch of parks. River edge has 2 elementary schools, a middle school, and shares a highschool with its neighboring town; Oradell.
"did you hear about River Edge NJ?"
"never heard of it"
"ill show you"
"there are alot of mcmansions here"
by swissroll123 July 22, 2017
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