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A rich town in New Jersey.Oradell is a small town with around 8,000 people so we dont go to our own high school. We go to high School with near by River Edge, so we are called River Dell.The average home price in Oradell is 650,000 dollars.
Oradell Person1 :I am so boared living in Oradell there is nothing to do.

Oradell Person2:Lets go to Paramus and watch a movie.
by abcdefghijk September 25, 2006
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A really rich town in Bergen County, NJ. We share our middle and high school with River Edge, thus naming us 'RiverDell'. We have like the best place to hang out ever -Cool Beans- where they have comfy couches and live music every friday night. Its virtually impossible to find a decent house in Oradell or River Edge for under $500,000, most people here are preppy. We are the RiverDell BlackHawks!!! w0000t
I went to Oradell with some of my buds and chilled to the music at Cool Beans.
by grakjgaenbw June 29, 2006
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A town in New Jersey where the thicc white bitches are psycho and they will file a restraining order on every guy that approaches them. Their families have screaming matches every day and sound like monkeys when they argue. Families are so rich in that town some of em are literally gas station brand kardashians. They go to school in river edge cause the townspeople at oradell don’t wanna waste their money on building a high school. Oradell sucks
Prince: yo this girl from oradell let me fuck her and a week later she filed a restraining order
Derek: probably cause you don’t know how to fuck and she regretted it duh
by Peut Blesser October 05, 2018
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