A video game for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) released in early 1995. Was ignored by the main stream and is now a "cult classic". IMO, Ristar is an AWESOME game that deserves more attention than it got back in the middle 90s! Well... get ready for a review...

Story (the Japanese and English stories together):
You are Ristar, son to Mother Ouruto (who owns a whole nebula, lucky fella!) and the "legendary hero" who has saved the universe multiple times. One day, a space pirate decides to take over the Valdi Solar System. He corrupts the 6 planet presidents, enslaves the planet inhabitants, and even captures Ristar's dad! So Ouruto sends out her son to alone free the 6 planets and defeat Greedy. Game Over in this game means the end of the universe... Can you do it?

Graphics 'n' Music:
The graphics are some of the best the Mega Drive (Genesis) can offer (but it's nothing compared to the 128-bit consoles). Detailed backgrounds, well animated sprites... pure eyecandy!
The music is awesome-rific too! *hums to the theme of Freon, the ice planet* The music composer did his job well...

Now for the part that actually MAKES the game. Ristar walks around and jumps whenever you press A or C. But don't even TRY to jump on the enemies! Instead, whenever you press B, Ristar will stretch out his arms and pull them in again. You can press the D-pad upwards or diagonally upwards while pressing B to make him grab in other directions. Grab an enemy and when you let go off B, you'll pull yourself aganist it and headbutt it, turning it to a helpless round black thing. You can also climb ladders and monkey bars, grab stuff and throw it, climb ladderless walls with repeatedly grabbing diagonally, and even grab a round handle, swinging around faster... and faster... and faster and faster andfasterandfasterand... well, I won't spoil anything... but in the middle of each planet, you'll face a miniboss, and after a planet, you'll face a boss. Trust me, it's super fun!

No masterpiece without flaws. The biggest flaw is that this game is too easy after mastering it! (Well, some of the hidden bonus level are pains in the rear end...) You also need a paper and pen to beat the fire planet mini boss. You'll see why when you get there...

Bottom Line:
Buy it on eBay, rent it, borrow it, emulate it, buy Sonic Mega Collection and unlock it, do WHATEVER it takes to get your hands on this masterpiece! Thank you for listening. *cough*
by Fizzard the Mole August 14, 2005
The Best Game Ever made Still 2day. The Best Game Sega has ever made. Ristar Should of put an End 2 Sonic. Ristar is very Addicting. Ristar looks weird watching it but is Awesome when u play it.
YES I Just rebought a Sega 2 Play Ristar!
by Clint McCorkle July 12, 2005