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A chav that dresses up like Dappy from N-Dubz and stabs people with a handmade knife

Ridiculous + Shank + Dappy = Rishankulous
Mike: "Eh! That bloke over there looks rishankulous!"
Chav: "Oi mate! i'll like totally shank you blud! How do i look like that tool, mate?"
Dappy: "Oh, me? Dont be mean mate!"
Chav: "'Ooh 'a you callin' mate, mate!"
Dappy: "I ain't callin' you mate, mate!"
Chav: "A'right, mate! i'll shank ya blud!"
Mike: "AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAA!!! A rishankulous fight!!"
Dappy + Chav: "'Ooh 'a you callin' rishankulous, mate?"
by LemonyStuff September 04, 2009
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