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A 'Christian' high school located in sunny Lancaster soon to become an Academy.

Originally a school for orphans founded by Thomas and Julia Ripley, the school has evolved into a historic building with charm and character.

The pupils are divided into several groups; Farmers, Bible-Bashers, Chavs, Emos, Stoners, Popular kids and just plain weird. There are also those girls who eat in the toilets and throw wet paper at the ceilings, but we don't need to know any more about them....

The sixth form has recently been re-built costing well over £3 million which includes a £250000 granite wall, a small cantine and no common room. A very nice place to gain a few A-levels (if you're studying archeology). In order to take the A-levels you want (and there are over 30 subjects to chose from) they must fit within the 'Option Blocks' which are definitely not flexible, but sometimes change....

The main school has a Farm, swimming pool, two gyms, a main hall and a new sports hall. Along with some random plasma screens which just tell you what your form teacher should have told you the same day.

Despite being a 'Christian' school, it now welcomes pupils from other faiths who will be forced to go to the Chapel once a week and to say the 'Grace' at the end of each day.

Overall, it's a great school which has been judged 'Outstanding' by Ofsted inspectors. These people need a slap around the face!
Student seeks teachers help at Ripley St Thomas:

Student: "I'd like to take ICT at A-level but it doesn't fit with my other subjects in the option blocks...what should I do?''
Teacher: ''Oh, well, take Music Technology, it's quite similar.''
Student: ''Erm, that doesn't fit either, and I don't play an instrument or sing....''
Teacher: ''That's nice dear.'' *walks away*
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