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Old irish male name meaning little king derived from the surname O' Riogain - Ri meaning king and 'in' the diminutive meaning kings child.
Rioghan the little king!
by Shamrock13 March 21, 2018
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This word derives from an ancient Gaelic language from the Irish Isles before the arrival of the pillaging Vikings. Its true meaning has been lost through the evolving language, but was ment to declare a mentally challanged child, Or retarded Lug if you will.

Ri means "extremely" in Gaelic whilst "ghan" means forsaken (by the high druids). The "o" is simply a sign to show that the individuals would usually have an open mouth, drooling whilst trying to talk, which was also quite difficult.

The healer who dealt with this basic neanderthals were called Nessa's or Shibha's (The older and lonely one).

Rioghan or Rioghani made life better in the villages and camps because no matter how bad life was for the rest, at least they wern't a Rioghan.
Oh my goodness, that Stupid Rioghan drooled all over my sheets.

Lets bet up a Rioghan cause it will make us feel better and then lets ride Nessa.

Rioghan is a Retard, but i wouldn't mind laying into a nice Maggie.

by Caffo September 22, 2008
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Rioghan is a brain dead retard. But he is very sexy and the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. He is very very funny and a great kisser. He has a huge penis. He is the most badass mofo you will ever meet and he does whatever the fuck he wants because he is the most badass mofo you will ever meet. His favourite hobbies are: fucking bitches, fucking shit up, fucking bitches, fucking bitches, he loves to fuck shit up. If you ever come across a Rioghan you will laugh a lot, not because he is a brain dead retard drooling on his shirt badass mofo but because you will be lucky to meet him because usually too busy fucking bitches and fucking shit up. He always has fun and always ends up getting in trouble. Rioghan is truly the most brain dead badass mofo bitch fucking shit fucker up you'll ever meet. He is most certainly "the shit".
Person A: Holy shit did he just punch that guy then chat up a girl and fuck her?
Person B: What a legend, he must be a Rioghan.
by Irishguy69lol April 24, 2014
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