Ringois the drummer of the Beatles

He is sexy
Most people called Ringo will have a big dick and will be amazing in bed and amazing bf
If your name is Ringo then you will be very attractive
Ringo your dick is huge
by Man bris March 19, 2018
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Very kinky drummer of The Beatles. Has been known to turn people on sometimes even to themselves.
Ringo is so kinky that he turns me on to myslef!
by ASS April 20, 2005
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ringo is not expendable. he's just less showy than the others. he was the famous one when the band first asked him in. he had already made a reputation for himself and was well sought after.
Hence, ringo was no expendable like pete.
by Melody October 24, 2003
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A Ringo is someone in a group of friends who is typically the butt of every joke, the victim of every prank, and generally constantly made fun of, but is always kept in the friend group for these purposes (e.g. the group's punching bag). There is usually only one Ringo per group.

Derived from the popular British band, The Beatles, whose drummer (Ringo Starr) was constantly joked about and pranked by people both within and outside the band. Not to be confused with a group's Yoko Ono.
We always bring our Ringo, Matt, with us on road trips. We shove scrambled eggs in his pants every morning, and he never sees it coming.
by AstroPooper May 02, 2010
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A warning of imminent danger; mainly an approaching teacher or other person capable of disciplinary action.

Man 1: "Dude so last night i went out and..."
Man 2: "Ringo."
(Authority figure passes)
Man 1: "Thanks man."
by Damau5 April 13, 2010
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