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The measurement of one's ability to receive rim jobs. See the example box below for details.
There are varying degrees of how "rimmable" an individual is. These degrees are known as "rimmability," and the level of rimmability is known as one's "rimmability quotient." One's rimmability has several key factors and forms, among which are:

Cantankerous rimmability: when one's rimmability quotient is so low that the beholder is angered

Congruent rimmability: when a person's quotient at a given point one
day is the same as their quotient the following day at the same time

Inverse rimmability: a person's quotient as a result of reciprocal rimmability

Limited rimmability: when a person's quotient cannot go above or below
a certain number due to outside factors

Parallel rimmability: when two people have the same quotient at the same time

Reciprocal rimmability: when a person's quotient is lowered by exactly
the same ratio as it had been previously raised

Spontaneous rimmability: when a person's quotient rapidly and
drastically increases or decreases with no definite cause

Variable rimmability: when a person's quotient is subject to frequent
change, be it positive or negative

Rimmability constant: the process in which rimmability is determined

Rimmability quotient: a ratio of one's ability to be rimmed as
determined by the rimmability constant

Rimmability variant: the amount that one's quotient can be changed
by Branman November 07, 2007
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