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pronounced like Rochelle but with a unique one of a kind spelling. a pretty amazing name.

the story behind this name was that it was put together using many of the different letters of special things:

the R stands for Rebellious because all Rieziells love to rebel, especially against their dads.
the I stands for imperfect but incredible in Rieziells own ways
the E stands for Entertaining, even when Rieziells arent trying to, theyre amusing in every way.
the Z stands for Zebra, because every Rieziell owns something Zebra, like phone cases and clothes.
the other I stands for i wish i could tell you i love you and that youre everything i ever wanted and more, but then again... too late and too early, right?.
the other E stands for eyes, because even though Rieziells hate theirs, theyre beautiful.
the L stands for linguini because you can make chalfredo with linguini and Rieziells love chalfredo.
and the other L, last but not least, im always thinking about you, missing you.

Rieziells love food but hate their meats and vegetables. Riezeills love their boba and passion fruit iced tea but thinks she can drink coffee at 3 in the morning and get away with it. She thinks she cant sing but she CAN sing, but only when she wants to. She loves fish, has a memory like one, but cant eat them. Shes smart even though she doesnt think she is. Shes pretty, even though she thinks people overexaggerate it, especially her eyes. Shes been shot by one of her closest friends, but healed and quickly forgave him. She recently discovered how to work a gas pump. She loves balloons. She loves the stars and the moon. and hopefully, loves oranges too.
Rieziell is an amazing person.
by orange0809 June 25, 2009
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