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The state or chronic condition of being pathologically ridiculous. If you leave a wake of people rolling their eyes, shaking their heads and avoiding you, you may suffer from ridiculopathy. Such people have limited, if any, insight into how their perpetual ridiculousness affects others. They leave you agape in disbelief with their comments and actions. Their learning curve is a flat line that leads to an abyss of cluelessness. Their capacity to infurirate is limitless. The worst, and most dangerous, of this species (as they do seem like another species) find their own ridiculousness amusing and gratifying.
by zolme January 05, 2010
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A disease in which the victim suffers a horrible social death, usually due to their own ridiculous actions. Ridiculopathy tends to strike people in between the ages of 12 and 48.
Ridiculopathy can develop in any one at any moment.

The following symptoms have been noted in older patients suffering form Ridiculopathy: Divorce, lack of sleep, inability to save face, nausea, heart burn, diarrhea, unemployment, political humiliation, and crabs.

The following symptoms have been noted in younger patients suffering from Ridiculopathy: Unexpected pregnancy, lack of sleep, sudden interest in emo music, newly acquired nicknames, upset stomach, indigestion, and a lack of friends to hang out with on Friday night.

There is no cure for Ridiculopathy. However, it can be prevented. If you or a loved have not been tested for Ridiculopathy, talk to your physician. Your physician will know if you are right for Ridiculx.
Ridiculopathy is prevented with a twice a day purple sapository called Ridiculx.
by Aysu October 25, 2008
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