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A town in Bergen County, New Jersey neighboring towns such as Palisades Park and Cliffside Park. The population of the town comprises mostly of typical suburban families as well as senior citizens wishing to live in a quiet environment. However the real bullshit starts when you meet the youth of the town. Unless you enjoy extremely arrogant kids who talk shit and think they are urban thugs, you best stay out of Ridgefield. Sure, they'd probably shit their pants and cry the minute they step into an actual urban environment such as Camden or Newark, but that doesn't stop them from bragging about how tough they are and how much better they are than you.
Ethnicity-wise, Ridgefield is full of stereotypical white kids and Koreans. If you're Latino, Indian, Black etc., don't be surprised to be stared down by every other person. If that doesn't sound pleasing enough wait till you meet the cops who are so overly cautious that they make you feel uncomfortable.
Entertainment-wise, Ridgefield is as competent as a deaf DJ. Unless sitting on your ass all day excites you, you won't have much fun in this town. Your best option is to head to the nearby town of Edgewater, where you might actually have a good time
Bottomline, the town is boring. Similar to Secaucus, there may be a cool kid here and there but most of them are annoying little shits.
Three friends are talking.

Union City Kid: "What's Ridgefield? My parent's said I'm moving there."

Hoboken Kid: "It's a town close by. You've never heard of Ridgefield NJ?"

Union City Kid: "No, what's it like?"

Jersey City Kid: "I was almost arrested for sneezing."

Hoboken Kid: "I was called out by a white kid whose balls haven't even dropped yet."

Union City Kid: “Kill me."
by PeterPiperParker June 15, 2014
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