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A person who flock from one person to one person in search or secure relationship that meant, if his friend die, he can easily forget and find a new one to suck their blood dried and then eventually left for newer friends. Doesn't get many girl to like him or adore him, then blame it on his long name that doesn't had a potential of being in a spotlight anywhere. A person who thought he could badmouth about other person without himself being known for the source but later tell every one himself. He thought that by stealing other people girl friend is a victory to his life when actually he is receiving a disease from his new girlfriend by unprotect sex. He thought of himself as a person who care about other when actually, wishes that they died so he could have their property because he was one of their friends. A total opportunistic. Do not have his own set of stand point but rather uses some one and divert all argue to someone instead of confronting his own problem.
Rico Suave Bandito hope he get a friend in the new high school, but every one doesn't care about him because he's a loud mouth retard who in his own thought other people are egotistic but actually he is an Egotistical himself. A person who talk all day about doing something to a woman but never done it until he was about to die and ask a nun if he could ever grab her ass. Rico was never the best child of the family and every one hated him for being such a moron in all occasion. He doesn't understand complex english and can only talk about what doesn't collide with the current events such as bad mouthing about a girl he unsuccessfully ask for number. Rico wasn't a handsome person or experienced in sexual, he uses alcohol and hidden-agenda relationship to get woman, and by getting meant, drugging them before manhandling and putting them on the shoulder like a caveman. So sad that nobody like Rico he felt the need of being in the spotlight when he achieved something he thought was great but no one give a damn anyway. Rico cried when he watch his father smack his mother face and was about to run away when his father anally molested him, causing him to become a very pathetic bitchfulness child. He thought he score big when he finally rape his girlfriend.

Many people felt sad for knowing such a shit holes who envy other people so much on what they had, hatched an evil planned to destroy other people peacefulness, a Hitler incarnation, Must be put to death.
by Chinga-Loca October 06, 2010
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