Verb. - The act of scolding or cursing at someone in spanish in such a rapid manner that the message is deemed unintelligible by it's intended recipient.
1."I knew he was pissed, because he went Ricky Ricardo on me"

2."When I told her I had to leave after I fucked her, she went Ricky Ricardo on me"
by KOAMex April 21, 2004
this is when you are having sex doggie style and you pull out, shove you dick in her ass ( a donkey punch), punch her in the back of her head and yell... " LUCY... I'M HOME"!
I was humping this sweet bitch last night when i decided to give her a ricky ricardo!
by Frank Cesaro March 13, 2005
A word that used to describe anyone who was mentally disabled or handicapped, but now is generally considered offensive, especially in the UK.

Also see retard
Its quite funny to shout this out of your car window to random old people.



"Tommy is a complete ricky"
by heywal June 10, 2005