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When someone has been rick rolled one too many times they become afraid to live their lives normally in fear they will get rick rolled behind every corner, in every email, with every phone call.
Todd's being a little bitch cuz he won't answer any of my calls or open any of my email attachments. Todd must have Rickrollaphobia
by Fern Daddy Kane October 14, 2008
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The aversion to clicking on a link (blind or otherwise) because it may lead to a rick-roll or other undesirable content (see 2g1c).
Billy has rickrollaphobia, he doesn't click on any links labeled "pics" on reddit while he's a work.
by Ensign Redshirt August 29, 2008
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When you are too much of a pussy to click on a YouTube link sent by someone because you have a psychological fear of Rick Astley singing that great song Never Gunna Give You Up.
Person 1: Hey check out this cool new video
Person 1: Shut up you just have Rickrollaphobia
by one_forty January 07, 2016
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