Someone with an abnormally large member between his legs and when teamed with a coops (someone with unusually large testicals) could take over the world
With richos cock and coops balls we could rule the world
by Rory jack November 29, 2020
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Someone who can’t close with having sex with a girl.
That girl was totally into that guy, but he pulled a Richo and she walked away.
by Spence December 16, 2017
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richo is a common variety of nerd found mainly on the sunshine coast, he longs to be with ppl who ask him out over a drunken text message.
richo loves sarah and wants to be with her for the rest of his life, only sarah does not feel the same way
by nboar December 8, 2004
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Someone who has money on them. Could also reference a weightlifter. A common slang used to describe someone chicks dig, usually do to a good sense of humor. Usually used at the end of a sentence.
Did u see the kid with fat stacks of cash? He's max richo.
by Millionamax November 20, 2018
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Noun: A person characterised by certain sex appeal with extreme dominance, championship and alluring beauty.

Verb: 1. To make a strong, fierce and successful comeback.

2. Engaging in sexual intercourse. Specifically, going all the way with one or multiple partners.
Oh! He's done the Full Richo!
by rippalee February 19, 2020
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