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Rich Maple is the name insiders use when they don't want to give out their real name. You can use it too, anytime someone, or some company requires it, say at a conference, or for a magazine subscription. And it's sweetest when you know that name will be sold and passed on.

The leading breakfast syrups cannot claim they're made from maple trees. Instead, a big label says "Made with Rich Maple." After in very small legalese it says "flavoring."

To those that cannot read small type at an arms distance assumes that "Rich Maple" must be someone because he "made it."

Rich is the guy responsible for cutting corners with your breakfast and he's a symbol of the changing values in this world.
"Can we get your name for our mailing list that we promise not to sell to anyone?"

"Happily. It's Maple. Rich Maple."
by Bradford Akerman January 23, 2007
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