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Imagine if the velocity of a .50 caliber API round mated with a 5 ton bison. That's Rich Gang. As a group superior to the rest of humanity, Rich Gang does whatever the fuck they want. By making use of words such as "bet" and "fart cock" Rich Gang has developed a highly sophisticated language. Any who mess with the Order are roasted and then executed on sight. Wielding the capacity to strike down anyone with the fury of an angry God, Rich Gang does what they want. Remember, is you fuck with the Gang, you just FUCKED A FUCK. RICH GANG OR DIE.

"Yo did you just see how based they were? Probably Rich Gang."

"Do you smell that bud? Yeah that's just Rich Gang."
by bibbleroastr bet September 04, 2016
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Ignorant teenagers from Miami that flaunt their "daddy's money". Usually seen speeding in their luxury sport European cars, buying expensive champagne at the club for no reason, and taking pictures of their meals at Nobu or Zuma. Everyone who isn't them is considered a "peasant". These are EASILY the biggest pussies in Miami.
"Hey Luis what are your plans for the weekend?"

"Probably gona go to Bal Harbour and buy a new Rolex with my dads black card".

"Oh that's right, I forgot you were a fucking faggot in richgang"
by Dopeman3000 December 21, 2015
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