Rich City (Richmond), Kentucky Boyeee! Real close to Lex Town (Lexington).
We hold it down in Rich City.
by Big J Money February 12, 2006
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A city in kentucky of roughly 40,000 people. Home to EKU and is named after richmond, VA. Richmond is also very close to lex town
Person a: Duuude wanna go see the Model lab game?
Person b: Nah thats all the way in rich city
by king khanxxxx September 19, 2009
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"kansas city rich" means that, with your current income, you would be considered rich or wealthy ONLY in kansas city, because that income would only put you to low to middle class in a REAL city.
I can't afford to live in california, I can make it ok in phoenix, but i could be KANSAS CITY RICH!!! BIG BALLAH!!
by Pepto_ March 09, 2011
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CITY RICH is a term used to denote being in a good place within the state of mind. More specifically, feeling inspired and determined by self driven goals. This slang term was created by an independent rap artist "Southern Boy" who also created a clothing line called CITY RICH.
1.The Young Man was feeling CIty Rich as he walked across the stage to receive his Degree in Business. 2. Fred was felt City Rich once he dressed up nice and smooth for the party.
by June 11, 2021
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