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a Military Base.

There are more concentrations of Ricers at a Military Base than no other.

The only vehicles that "win" are tactical vehicles, and that's during combat, not a street race. The rest of the vehicles completely lose in every street race.
When I visited a military base, I saw Ricers Galore! Everywhere I turned, there were ricers! Ricers beside me, in front of me, parked over there, EVERYWHERE!!!!

You know, our soldiers can win battles but usually never Street Races!! Why? Because the car they usually race with is just a ricer!!

If there were street races there, the few Mercedes and BMW imports in the race are the winners in the end.
by Java October 16, 2004
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Not everyone on a military base is into Ricers......I happen to be military and my hot rods have included a '71 Nova 350/4 speed, an S-10 with a 355 auto, now I have a '71 Chevelle with a big block 402 and a '69 Nova with a 355.

I've got a guy in my shop with a 2000 T/A and an 88 Mustang GT 5.0, my boss has a '96 Camaro Z28 with an LT1/6 speed, several people in my shop at one time or another owned 5.0 litre Mustangs, another guy had a '72 Mustang with a 351 in it....

Plus there's other guys on base that own or have owned: '69 Dart w/383, '70 Coronet 440, 72 Chevelle, 68 Camaro, '67 Chevelle 355, '68 Chevelle, '69 Chevelle, '69 Mustang, '67 Mustang, '73 Road Runner, 74 Charger, '71 Skylark.....

Now don't get me wrong yes there's ricers too....but not all military drive rice buggys, just the ones that watched The Fast And The Furious one too many times....while the rest of us stick with the true rods...
The Home Depot parking lot in Fayetteville NC on weekend nights is ricerland.
by Rice sux October 25, 2006
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