When a person goes out and buys a Honda Civic or any other "Street Racing Cars" (See Rice and Ricer) and they add modifications that boost Horsepower.

Many Add-ons include:

* Massive Spoilers BOLTED to the TRUNK of their Front Wheel Drive Vehicle.
* Maxwell House Flavor Seal Coffee Can Mufflers.
* 5 Gears of pure speeds and racing, Including a Stock Engine, complete with up to 4 cylinders.
* Insane Bodykits that have no benefit towards their car.
* 17"+ rims that make their tires scrape up against the wheel well every time the road surface changes slope.
* A Line of Stickers/Decals of products installed in the car. Which allows an excellent checklist for any Theif who spots it.
* Huge Tac that goes up to 10,000 RPMS... when the car redlines at 6,000.
* A Nice Shiftlight, not that they use it anyway.

Ways to tell if you drive a Ricemobile:

* You feel that every red light you stop at, signals a drag race with ANY Vehicle around you. (Including Mustangs and Corvettes)
* You Drive like you are in the movie "The Fast and the Furious"
* You feel the need to redline every gear, for top performance.
* You feel an urge to rev the engine very loudly in the transition of gears, while the clutch is pressed in.
* You think everyone loves how you drive.
* You Feel that the Speed Limit is Optional.
* When you are confronted by the man who drives that nice Shelby GT, You come up with a line of excuses on why he left you in the dust.
Ricemobile #120394: *Brraaappp Brrrappp* Come on lets race!

Mustang Driver: "Sorry, I Don't mow my lawn, this late at night."
by TheGasMaskGuy March 05, 2008
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1. A vehicle, usually a compact automobile, customized to give the appearance of speed but lacking in true performance.

2. Any domestic automobile given the appearance of a Japanese vehicle.
Yo homey, do you have to crank that ricemobile up to get it started or do you need a push?
by MiaKa January 22, 2005
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