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When a person goes out and buys a Honda Civic or any other "Street Racing Cars" (See Rice and Ricer) and they add modifications that boost Horsepower.

Many Add-ons include:

* Massive Spoilers BOLTED to the TRUNK of their Front Wheel Drive Vehicle.
* Maxwell House Flavor Seal Coffee Can Mufflers.
* 5 Gears of pure speeds and racing, Including a Stock Engine, complete with up to 4 cylinders.
* Insane Bodykits that have no benefit towards their car.
* 17"+ rims that make their tires scrape up against the wheel well every time the road surface changes slope.
* A Line of Stickers/Decals of products installed in the car. Which allows an excellent checklist for any Theif who spots it.
* Huge Tac that goes up to 10,000 RPMS... when the car redlines at 6,000.
* A Nice Shiftlight, not that they use it anyway.

Ways to tell if you drive a Ricemobile:

* You feel that every red light you stop at, signals a drag race with ANY Vehicle around you. (Including Mustangs and Corvettes)
* You Drive like you are in the movie "The Fast and the Furious"
* You feel the need to redline every gear, for top performance.
* You feel an urge to rev the engine very loudly in the transition of gears, while the clutch is pressed in.
* You think everyone loves how you drive.
* You Feel that the Speed Limit is Optional.
* When you are confronted by the man who drives that nice Shelby GT, You come up with a line of excuses on why he left you in the dust.
Ricemobile #120394: *Brraaappp Brrrappp* Come on lets race!

Mustang Driver: "Sorry, I Don't mow my lawn, this late at night."
by TheGasMaskGuy March 05, 2008
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a (crappy) foreign car (from asia) worth virtually nothing and with no racing capability outfitted to look like a sports car complete with spoiler, rims, etc ad nauseum.
Ever since Vin Diesel drove a rice mobile in the Fast and the Furious, all the ginzos I know have one.
by crazy mike November 07, 2003
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1. A vehicle, usually a compact automobile, customized to give the appearance of speed but lacking in true performance.

2. Any domestic automobile given the appearance of a Japanese vehicle.
Yo homey, do you have to crank that ricemobile up to get it started or do you need a push?
by MiaKa January 22, 2005
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An expensive sleek or sporty car, usually adorned in colours yellow, black, red, or deep blue with a spoiler on the back; driven by chauchy asian males at dangerous speeds. Usually paid for by their rich doctor parents.
Did you catch a glimpse of that rice-mobile go speeding through that red light?
by Heather OfTheGardens June 08, 2006
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A small shitty foriegn car with funky colors and tinted windows. mostly driven by RiceBoy or Spix with his home boy in tha back seat suckin a dick for fun. With no muffler, and shiny chrome rims, and 75HP, this machine can kick out a top speed of 60MPH. If driven too fast, it may break and fall apart in the middle of the highway. Or just get blown off the road by my rocket launcher.
look at that riceboy! he be ridin in his ricemobile!
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
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A degrading way of saying "tuned mid-sized Asian Automobiles" or rice burner
Usually driven by Wannabe-Asians and Asians with no roots.
Honda Civic, Hyundai Tiburon, Nissan 350z
True Asians don't drive rice mobiles, we be rollin' on Cadillacs, Lincolns and Impalas.
by Ness April 20, 2006
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i fuck so many asian hoes,you can call my car a rice mobile
by fuck u February 09, 2004
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