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An Italian last name, often mistaken as Ricco, Ricardo, Rice, and other words that dipshits pronounce it as, but the words they use aren't even spelt like Riccio!

Anybody with the last name Riccio is the coolest kid on the block! Riccio's are the stongest and best people out there! There isn't no one like them!

If you marry a Riccio you become the luckiest person alive....because Italians have big dicks!!!!!!!!
Example: Hi, My name is Michael Riccio. That's spelt R-I-C-C-I-O. Its a pleasure to meet you.
by Michael Riccio May 22, 2008
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To cock block oneself in a blatant and idiotic manner, often by a poor attempt to hide the truth.
Liberal girl at bar: "Are you racist or something?"

long pause...

"No, not at all"

3rd party: "Damn, that guy just Riccio'd himself"
by Papa Trivia May 20, 2009
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A beautiful girl. Best person a guy could get. She has the ass, the boobs, the looks, and the perfect personality. very similar to a goddess.
I wish i knew a Riccio.
by NYjets69 August 01, 2010
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