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Ricardia is a micro-state that exists within the vicinity of Il Presidente. An entity rather than physical land, Ricardia is a fully-functioning state which the benevolent dictator has overseen for the past several decades.

Ricardia has a government, with officials taking on multiple roles including The Minister of Viticulture, The Minister of Warcraft, The Foreign Minister, and ambassadors to both Scotland and the Republic of Korea. The first lady of Ricardia is known as La Prima Donna, or La Bella Josefina, who has been known to cause international incidents during state visits when riding public transport.

Reports of a mole infiltrating Ricardia have been circulating, and The Minister Of War is currently investigating the reports that he deems, "outlandish", declaring that, "wasps and cats have nothing to do with any plan that a mole may be concocting. These are wild accusations."
"Do you need a visa to enter Ricardia?"
"When will The Queen recognise Ricardia as an independent, sovereign nation?"
"Ricardian culture is replete with gin, olives, and reality TV shows."
by waegook_tom November 01, 2013
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