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Ribday comes about only once every year and has been happening since the year 1991. The night of Ribday commonly known as "Rileys Birth Day" is celebrated in a small town in England 5190 Miles from Las Vegas called Newbury. A vast number of party goers gather and swarm the depths of "Hoggs Head". Much like Nazi Zombies the locals try and hold the fort. It only takes minutes for the levels to rise higher and the ray guns become useless causing them to become overwhelmed by the fiercely viscous intoxicated crowds. Game over for them but not for the ravenous students that feed on ethanol (C2H5OH). This fed on substance brings about side effects that greaten the levels of zombie like behaviors including: lose of nervous system, loss of consciousness and the munchies. Bouncers flee and police are powerless to the intensity of the night. God sits and waits, there is nothing he can do.
The people not present at this ongoing event are cowards to say the least. Lesser souls, under-dogs and the gammas of the packs stay home while the Alphas feast overnight. This is not just a night out... this is standard Newbury on the 9th of September... what are you going to do?
"Ahhh mate you going to Ribday?"

"no i am a fucking gamma male, i cant because i am a pussy"
by Alasdair Wauchope September 04, 2011
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