Vertical scrolling rhythm games (also known as VSRG) are a type of rhythm games where notes scroll (usually) top to bottom and land on the judgment line where they are hit.
Beatmania IIDX is a Vertical scrolling rhythm game better known for it's dense beatmaps mapped over 7 keys and a scratch lane
by Ruslan4ic October 5, 2023
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A PV rhythm game is a rhythm game that has PV|Music video.
Examples of a rhythm game: Hatsune Miku Project Diva, F, X, FT, FTDX, Love Live All Stars and more idk.
There is a chance you might find PV rhythm games on the internet. Playing them like HMPD have PV to the music, listening while you play with the PV makes it more understandable of what the song means, lyrics too if you understand Japanese, sometimes PV doesn't help you of what the song means.
Person 1: Gimme
Person 2: one sec, I'm play PV rhythm gameie
Person 1: okeh
by ¥en Ashiyo August 30, 2021
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