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1. The result of splicing a rhinoceros, a hippopotamus, and an elephant.

2. An abomination against everything God and nature stand for.

3. A girl so fucking unreasonably fat and ugly that only this absurd, seven-syllable, 18 letter word can explain how she looks.

4. A fat person so ugly; on a scale 1-10 they would be rated 9001.

5. The Frankenstein of the animal kingdom.
1. rhino+hippo+elephant=rhinocepotamuphant

2. Scientist1: Yes! I've finally spliced a rhino, a hippo, and an elephant. This is my greatest scientific accomplishment.

Scientis2: Holy shit dude! You're definitely going to hell for make this...this...abomination.

3. Guy1: Dude what is one word you would use to describe Snooki from Jersey Shore?

Guy2: When I think of her, I think of two related elephants having an inbred child, and some retard child of a rhino and hippo has a child with that inbred elephant. Hmm, only if there was one word to describe a person with all three of those fat, ugly animal genes.

Guy1: There is; the word you are looking for is rhinocepotamuphant.

4. Nappa: Vegeta how ugly does the scouter say Snooki is?

Vegeta: SHE'S OVER 9000!

Nappa: Oh damn!
by Das Hoont August 30, 2010
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