The act of being so drunk that you can only move around by making giant steps and with both arms straight out.
When Andrew drinks a whole bottle of wild turkey he starts to do the Frankenstein!
by Orlando Paulson February 12, 2015
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Same as (The Mummy) cept u fuck the chick from behind and pull her air straight up lifting her off the ground resulting in a Frankenstein like motion with her arms trying to reach the ground.
by gaijin August 27, 2003
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Whilst having sexual interactions with a woman, just before you nutt you have to pull out and cum in her eyes, blinding her , you then proceed to leave the room turning the lights off, thoust making her walk around with her arms out like Frankenstein looking for the lights. be sure to hide towels or anything she can clean her face with.
The Frankenstein:
Yo man, last night Courtney was being a bitch when I was fucking her so I frankensteined that hoe and left.
by Delooch July 12, 2017
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The act of bringing something or someone to life by means of electricity.
1) Matt: Come on man we gotta go

Kyle: Hold on man I'm Frankensteining my phone

Matt: You're what?

Kyle: Bringing it to life with electricity man
2) Dr: This man has gone into cardiac arrest and is fading fast we have to Frankensteining him (charges up defibrillators and shocks patient, monitor shows working heart beat)

Dr: Thank god we could Frankenstein him soon enough
by Sir JamesH March 05, 2015
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The combination of two or more similar elements into one cohesive idea, image or item that appears seemless in presentation.
"Taking two different photographs of the same model, he Frankensteined that lingerie ad into the perfect pose!"
by Monkeyfuck McGrew September 09, 2005
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To hack off choice bits of one or more existing items and then attach them to a new project, thereby bending them to suit your own requirements (diabolic or not). No gothic castles, fortuitously-timed electrical storms or god complexes required for this kind of assembly. Term introduced on the Handyman for the Common Man web TV show.
"To build your own awesome and inexpensive jib boom, you’ll need to frankenstein parts from an existing tripod and an L-bracket. With mad skills, all things are possible."
by The Handy Writer May 09, 2009
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Verb. To combine two things in a crude manner, in which the component parts are still easily visible.
I was hungry but I wanted neither the fish nor the chicken, so I took a needle and thread and frankensteined them together.
by Buddy9090 July 03, 2011
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