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A internet Legend. The President and Supreme Ruler of the Reyvolution. He started making videos to provide his awsome insight on WWE, but it became so much more. He has many legendary videos that no one can resist. He has a speech impediment but denies fiecerly. He replaces "l" with "y" often talking about other videos that are "onyine"

He is a handsome devil and is not afraid to let you know. He does not believe his speech is any different then any others except for his "sexual slurr (pronounced shexuwalll shwurrrwwrr)". He proves that he can call his mom anything like "stupid bitch" telling her "I hope you die" calling her "wetard" and she still loves him. Because only a mother so great could make a Legend like Reymon14.

Often makes amazing videos of himself playing with his WWE action figures and doing WWE speeches with his Championship belt that he no doubt earned by being a complete badass.

He often refuses to answer the phone and makes remixes to music videos that surpass the orignal by ungodly amounts of greatness. Mostly likely due to the extremely large amounts of energy drinks he consumes on tape. NOS seems to be a personal favorite of his.

His trade mark videos include eating Cheese Sticks and drinking Coke throughout the whole video.

He has a temper like Zeus with a voice like thunder when his videos are interupted by his mom. He has some of the best dance moves to hit youtube, many of them have been copied by Chris Brown in a half ass'd way but Chris he can never pull them off right.

He seems to like John Cena a lot, so I am pretty sure they are best friends since Reymon is twice as cool and famous as Cena.

He is very in touch with the world and welcomes all haters to go ahead and hate. He lets everyone know that his haters will eventually be bums and live in trash cans like The Grouch,and be addicted to crack. But has the sympathy to tell you not to laugh at them because having problems with crack is NOT FUNNY.

He has very strong morals and once was caught stealing something from a store and took it upon himself to dish out the punishment by drinking Coke mixed with Nail Polish Remover.

Recently his videos have become more intilectual and less humourous, so I recommend going to his early videos.

You may wonder why he looks retarded... but he does not know. Also, he IS NOT GAY. His laugh is also another legendary attribute.

Youtube favorites

DX Spoof My Debute

New & Improved Promo

WWE Random Stuff


If you want to know why the Reyvolution has such a strong following you simply need to watch the video made by Enemy88 on youtube called


Before you partake in the greatness, think be prepared and ponder this

"What you gonna do, WHEN REYMON14 GOES WILD ON YOU!"

"Are you Weady? NO!"

And lastly I will lay some wisdom down like he often does, directly from the Legend himself.

"In the words of my Dad... uhhh waa... mmm waa waduf of all the skyzz... ooaahhh wadif oohh... what if the sky was apple pie and everything was little or something like that... huhhh? ...uhhh you get it huh?"

"Hey, who you voting for, McCain or Obama?"

"Are you serious Reymon14, Viva La Reyvolution"

"What are you up to today? Oh, just chillin with Reymon14"

by SimplyJory November 06, 2008
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