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A female name. Usually, a Reylene is very unloyal and gloomy. She will try to brighten a room, but will just make it darker. A Reylene is dark in any way possible. They try very hard to impress their crushes, but will just throw them away at a moments notice. They can sometimes dress like a slut to impress someone. They can be really big attention whores or babies when it comes to things like getting shots or taking out the trash. Reylenes are usually liars and will lie to get out of just about any situation. They are subject to cutting and suicidal thoughts. They are usually very ungrateful and are very slutty. Reylenes usually push anyone they love away, but only want them back when it benefits them. The name Reylene derives from the German word/name "Raylene" which means a slut, whore, bitch, ect.
Dude #1: Yo, who's that emo girl that won't get of Pedro's jock?
Dude #2: Oh, that's just Reylene....
by RandomWolf June 25, 2016
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