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Oooh Reyana is the hotter sexiest girl you’d ever meet. She will make you laugh allllll the time and even her laugh is so sexy. She’s really hot and you want to be on her good side. She’s good to have as a friend cause she’ll hunt someone down if they hurt you. She usually has dark brown luscious hair with light brown or blonde highlights and a nice tan. She has the sexiest butt and boobs and she loves playing sports and has a really good voice. She’s amazing and if you know a Reyana you want to get her in your life quick!
Guy: I’m dating Reyana
Bestfriend: HOWD YOU PULL THAT?!?!
by 16000hottie January 25, 2018
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Sexy cool, also for a shorter version see word rey
Wow is she reyana or what?
by Rey Z April 28, 2003
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