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A hybrid of the popular reach around penis grab. This occurs when a female reaches between a males legs from behind and begins to grip and rub the penis. Done over clothes and results in a penis erection. Usually done as a mating ritual to see if the male "sizes up" so to speak.
Jenny is giving Earl a reverse Jiffy Lube. That lucky S.O.B.
by DIRECTOR DRE November 21, 2008
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A maneuver in which a female reaches between a man's legs from behind in a attempt to cup a feel of said man's cock. This is an attempt to see if the man "measures up" to her standards.
Michelle: "Jewel has reverse jiffy lubed almost every guy at the bar. Seems like only Rod fit the bill."

Sandy: "What a whore"
by Dre the Director December 15, 2008
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