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You start by pouring the coals to your signicant other from the most sought after position (you know what I'm talking about, all our favorite, the beloved doggy-style)....Then just before you release your pecker-snot, reach back from behind and through your legs and grab your stiff cock and pull it down and jam it in your ass parting your balls in the process giving them the striking resemblance of elephant ears. And finally, you commence this patented manuever with filling your own bowels up to your balloon knot full of your own love-gravy!
I was bangin your girlfriend the other night, when I felt the sudden urge to try and pull off the reverse elephant...I realized it was awesome after regaining consciousness from blacking out!
by Chauncy D September 21, 2009
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When you put your balls in a girls mouth and then attempt to force your erect penis up her nose.
Holy shit did you hear about bill? He totally tried to reverse elephant Sarah but he tore his foreskin on her nostril... Bet that hurt like hell!
by ColonelNutzdeep December 02, 2016
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When someone puts water up their ass and shoots it into their partner's mouth for sexual pleasure.
My girl did a reverse elephant on me last night. I can still taste it!
by reverseelephant October 15, 2017
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