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The retwubs community are the same as Tumblr users except they exist on a different website to them and as a result think that they are better than them. They are always almost exactly the same if not worse.

Everyone hates the retwubs because they infiltrate every community whether that's the furry one or the anitwitter one.

They are always a bunch of pretentious try hards, just like tumblr users.

If you want to identify retwubs, just look for "callout posts" or peopple calling things problematic. Usually retwubs will have left tumblr and joined the retwub community on a different site not realising that they're communicating with the same people.
Those fucking retwubs are on my twitter timeline again >:^(

what do you mean i'm "problematic" ? I swear to god you'd better not be another retwub.
by underscore_rubiks April 18, 2017
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