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The love of vintage technology and retro visions of the future, most commonly from the mid to late 1900's with special focus on the 80's and early 90's.

Humerously cumbersome, oddly obsolete, or completely pointless and time consuming to use, these devices were often hailed in their time as being modern and futuristic while in retrospect seeming like a large waste of time.

Most often seen (and celebrated) in older movies dealing with cutting edge (for their time) technology, or Futuristic devices.
Johnny's cellphone was ringing, he reached to the back seat of his Delorean for the handy briefcase weighing only 14 lbs, the latest in portable technology and completely Retrotechno!
by Loxe April 30, 2010
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A person who resorts back to, or continues to make use of, old technology, the general population has discarded or no longer finds viable.
After her device died and had no upgrade available, the Retro Techno resorted back to her laptop to send E-mails.
by Amadscientist November 01, 2011
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