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A Retrosexual Woman is a female who revels in 1940's style femininity--and abhors the coarseness of feminisim. Her stock in trade is an intoxicating combination of soft-spoken elegance, smoldering sensuality, and an air of wide-eyed innocence that most men cannot resist.

Armed with nothing more than a summer dress, a shy wink and a smile, a Retrosexual Woman never needs to pump her own gas or buy her own drink. At home she is a domestic diva who exudes a wholesome sensuality that is alluring no matter how she dresses or what she does. Always modest and wholesome, she is no harlot. But when she finally does take a man to her boudoir, she holds nothing back. He will be captivated by her love forever.

Femisinists sometimes (incorrectly) despise retrosexual females as totally subservient to and dependant on men the men in their lives. But a closer look soon reveals that it is the men who are serving the Retrosexual Woman. When the retrosexual female marries, her husband worships her and often spends his evenings joyfully rubbing her feet or massaging her neck.
Susan never gets a traffic ticket no matter how fast she drives. She just smiles and winks at the officer, and he lets her go. It just isn't fair. She is such a Retrosexual Woman.
by Hot Lips Hannah August 09, 2010
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