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Retardoladation - an illness that affects one’s ability to perform the simplest of acts ranging from tying one’s shoe, speaking in complete sentences, to even passing as a member of society. The lowest living form of life created for the purpose of failing. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation all fall victim to Retardoladation has also been used to describe an illiterate who butchers the English language by interjected his personal failures into everyday conversations. Also been known to lower the IQ of all those in his presence if prolonged exposure is endured. There is no cure for Retardoladation, but avoid at all cost to limit the damage this can have on your own ability to function properly.
You fail at life, do you suffer from Retardoladation?”

“I find it harder to correct my spelling and grammar mistakes, I sure hope I haven’t caught a case of Retardoladation.”
by WWE Unrated June 10, 2010
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