A video game forum largely used for Nintendo Stans to complain that nobody else loves Nintendo games, and for aliens pretending to be humans to ask for advice on things every normal person should know.
New Thread: A girl just sat next to me, does she want a dickin'? PLZ HALP
Everybody reading it: Classic ResetERA.
by MeatManYo May 18, 2018
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An internet forum for the discussion of videogames through a queer, feminist and anti-rascist intersectionary lens. A safe space that welcomes all people of useful opinions and colors. Famous for its high-handed moderation that avoids derailing tactics from the Spencerist Youth. Its motto is 'The Clintonian/True Gamer Resistance in an age of Donald Trump'.
The gaming community is absurdly permissive of Micro-aggressive cultural genocides, Resetera tries to be different.
by saviorofthepocs February 23, 2018
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