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A retarded Republican, which in itself is a double negative, due to the fact that Republicans are already retarded.

Repubtard's favorite channel is FOX (Forgotten Old Xenophobes - previously referred to as Freaks On Xanax) News.

They are responsible for outsourcing and offshoring cause they save some money to donate to other Repubtard candidates in upcoming presidential elections. Repubtards also favor toddlers carrying semi-automatic's, a supposedly advanced nation without healthcare, war-mongering, tea bagging, and tax breaks for the rich (which they embellish by stating that trickle-down economics works, which of course it doesn't, but greed-at-top economics is what they practice.)

They also believe that $7 million dollars isn't "wealthy enough". Additionally they are in favor of cutting education, social security, stem cell research, social programs, and sending American manufacturing overseas for cheap labor and higher revenue, etc. pretty much everything that makes an advanced industrial advanced industrial country.
James: Man, I can't send my kid to any school in this whole state, they're all being shut down!

Tony: That's because you voted for a Repubtard. Now spread those cheeks!
by AmeRoman March 22, 2011
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