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A "Republican Conveyor Press system" refers to the idea that almost all Republican politicians are made the same. So being that they are so much alike, finding a new Republican politician is as easy as sorting through a Conveyor system; much like that found at a Dry Cleaners. This system is fictional; it is more of an Idea then a real system. The fact that Republican politicians tend to Look, Sound and Act the same; as well as share almost identical outdated conservative views; creates the Idea that if a Republican politician dies, you can just pull another one off of the line and not have to worry about any changes to the overall political system. An argument can be made that the Democrats could have their own Conveyor Press System, but since Democrats tend to have views that are considered to be Out-Side-Of-The-Box, a Democratic stereotype isn't that easy to define. Republican's tend to be Rich, White, Christian, Males; with unjustified fears against Immigration and Same-Sex Marriages.
(Man 1) Oh my God! John McCain died last night! What are we going to do now?! (Man 2) Relax, just pull another politician off of the Republican Conveyor Press System. They are all pretty much the same. The public won't notice the difference.
by the2ndflood July 31, 2008
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