A RepubliCon is someone who, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is able to manipulate large, vapid, weak-minded audiences by means of manipulation, deception, distortion of facts, and incomplete information. He is a con-artist with an inability to think objectively, consider alternatives, and allow for dissention. A RepubliCon appeals to intellectually conservative, mindless and often dimwitted followers. These followers are regressive lemmings who will follow the RepubliCon’s faithfully regardless of the inevitably tragic conclusion.
I cannot understand how those RepubliCon's like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly can charge up their audiences when they are clearly passing their subjective, distorted views as fact.
by Sterling Steele April 8, 2009
1. One who espouses conservative values of small government, less government intervention, and managed spending, but performs the exact opposite. "Con" suffix is derived from "confidence man", or trickster, grifter. See also NeoCON.
I can't believe what George W. pulled over on the country, record spending and deficits, expanded government, government involvement in more aspects of individual life, what a RepubliCON!
by Flashdrive-II May 28, 2007
1. One who identifies as a Republican only beacuse of the financial benefits yet hangs out with mostly non-republicans. The "Log Cabin Republicans," are considered RepubliCONS beacuse they support ideas that contrast their actual way of life and undermine the cause of their own poeple.
Dude, that chick is only a Republican beacuse her Daddy is rich but she's always hanging with gay people, she's a total RepubliCON!

Oh my god! I once dated this guy from Texas who voted for Bush and he's all proud of it! I told him he just voted against all other gays but he didn't seem to care. RepubliCON looser!
by nononeofanyimportance November 29, 2005