Justifies violence?
Hym "If repeated deliberate antagonization is justification for violence then you sorry bastards are not going to be having a very good time!"

Iam "We're citing the Mike Tison thing, by the way. Because that guy was wrong to antagonize him but he (Tison) was also wrong to attack him BUT the guy knew who he was and did it anyway. Which makes him stupid. Which is what makes it funny. That one of the guys did a thing that was wrong and did it deliberately to a guy that he should know not to do that to which makes him stupid."

Hym "And it doesn't take much to apply that line of reasoning to our situation does it? So, yeah... OUT OF THE CAGE NOW!!"

Iam "Yeah... So it is an excuse to do that.... Just sayin'..."
by Hym Iam May 24, 2022
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