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A Tweedle is like a Doodle by Creating one or several art-forms, much like the content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, yet shading and texturing of an image and generating image or motion picture from virtual 3D models.

It allows preservation of details that may be lost due to limited contrast ratios or loss of data, hence "Blackhole is a human general theory, there is no answer it is a question, by limited contrast ratios".

So enabling a wide variety of expressive style hence "style art history" like "art movement" considered as a new "avant-garde" corresponding to Modernism, Academic art, or Expressionism to express the meaning of emotional experience, rather than physical reality itself.
"Rendertweedleness" is one or more philosophically defined characteristics within itself, hence: "What is ART?".

No one has an answer, this is because ART changes from person to person making ART a unique philosophical theory (a question with many answers between person to person caused by principles, belief systems or Consciousness and unconscious ideology all of which are motivations much like our Dreams, animals have them too.
by Art-theory August 03, 2016
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