To remember a good time in life. Made popular by the philanthropist Seaside.
We went to the high school reunion to remose about seaside and his sexy ways.
by vincentharris October 5, 2007
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Remose is a man with great wisdom, he can get any girl he wants no matter the circumstance the lie in his way. Remose is known for being an alpha male and can torment anyone with his start. He also hates born gingers and has a 48 inch kid.
when remose walked into the room all the girls throw their cloths away and started to rub their pussys.
by 69master;) February 2, 2020
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feeling that everything is bad & its time to cancel all your plans and lay in bed like a grandpababy all day
Cal is feeling remose this morning.
by liamhahahahaha May 25, 2023
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