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A relationship that consists of sappy social media posts that make everyone else want to vomit. Probably to make up for lack of intimacy in real life. Many relationshows are short-lived since there is no substance to the actual relationship. However, real couples can have relationshows as well to hide turbulent points in their relationship.
Example 1: Whenever she gets a new boyfriend she puts on such a relationshow and then they break up within 3 months! You would think eventually she would learn to actually wait to get to know someone before spewing mushy shit all over her facebook for everyone to be annoyed by. How fucking embarrassing it must be when they break up with her after such a relationshow.

Example 2: She keeps posting how she can't live without him and all these pictures of them together. When will she realize that no one gives a fuck about her relationshow?

Example 3: Mary is putting on such a relationshow but we all know her husband is fucking someone else.
by Cherry bee November 22, 2016
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A relationship where a women drags the man out into public constantly because she thinks that her man is better than yours.
Man that women is defiantly putting on a relationshow over there.
by openbeta June 13, 2012
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