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A conjunction of Retard & Rekt placed into one word. This word can be used towards a player who reckons he's got really good skills or reckons he's the best player there in a game but really doesn't and ends up being defeated, humiliated instead or just lack skill Can also be used in person too to people who think they rekt you but somehow didn't recently, in the long run or, again, just lack skill.
Player 1: Stoner Boogaloo "Bring it on"
Player 2: Jerkin' Weezy "Okay"
Player 2 Jerkin' Weezy "Oooooh get rekt"
<Stoner Boogaloo Shot Jerkin' Weezy From Behind>
Player 1: Stoner Boogaloo "I was nowhere infront of you, you Rektard"
by Bloodfangz December 06, 2015
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