A type of remake (generally in movies) that has become popular over the past few years. In 2005, Christopher Nolon reimagined Batman with Batman Begins and Dark Knight, since everyone hated Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk movie, it was reimagined in 2008 as The Incredible Hulk and Rob Zombie reimagined Halloween in 2007.
I would love to see a reimagining of Daredevil and Fantastic Four.
by CupBdown June 15, 2008
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altering a reality; creative problem solving; changing a perception; new way of an old idea; re-design
Its time to reimagine a new political process
by miss1962 December 20, 2016
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To have a flashback of something that never really happened.
Cheerleader: Remember when we were Prom King and Prom Queen?
Quarterback: Yo, that's some reimagine action! We didn't even go to the same high school!
by SoilentGreen August 7, 2020
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